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Related article: Date: Sat, 2 Apr 2005 14:23:05 EST
Subject: Eyes on My Son 6Same restrictions as with the other chapters. You must be of legal age to
read. I could see John was dying to tell us his story and so when Eric
finished up his tail John jumped in with his again I was all ears. I knew
the next loads we all shot would be quick ones as we were so horny from
the tails. john was saying "I was like 15 myself like Eric here the first
time. My Dad (His dad was a foremen at my Plant) had left Mom and I went
to live with him in a small apartment. I would sleep on the pull out sofa
in the living room and we would share the closet in the one bed room.
one day after school I found a box I had never noticed on the shelf of
the closet and pulled it out onto the bed to have a look? Inside I found
pictures like ones taken by the old instant cameras. My eyes nearly fell
out of my head when I saw the pictures lolita preteen loli galleries were of naked guys. the guy's were
in groups of three four and doing everything you could think of men doing
together. I mean there was sucking fucking 69ing in showers the works. Of
course I was not able to put the pictures down more the 100 of them. It
wasn't until my second time going through them that I took time to even
notice a face and when I did I saw that my Dad was in most of them and he
was not only fucking other guys but was getting fucked in a lot of them
and sucking cock all over the place. I had to give it to Dad he had one
of the best bodies of all the guys in the pictures. I was so happy my dad
was into this God the man is and Adonis so well built and now I knew his
secret. his night out with the boys was for hot wild male on male. I knew
somehow or other I had to get it on with my Dad. A week had gone by and I
just was dropping hints all over the place but my Dad never got wise to
what I was trying to say. Looking at Dad's hard cock in those pictures
had me so turned on I just wanted it even through I'd never had a cock
before I just knew what I wanted. his dick looked so long and thick in
the picture and I would pretend the one guy he was fucking with it in the
picture was me.
A Friday and Dad came in from work I had a a nice dinner on the table
for him and a cold beer. Dad looked at me strangely and said "OK Johnny
what the hell kind of trouble did you get yourself into now?I laughed as I was lolita boy child models clearing the dishes and said " Well dad its only a
problem if You think it is?Dad laughed and said " OK spill it kid"I sat down with him and looking in his eyes I said " Dad I ran across
that box You have on the shelf in the closet and I saw the pictures in
it"His face dropped and he said "Oh God Johnny I never meant for You to ever
see them"I said patting his leg. " Dad I know but its cool I like what I saw in
the pictures and I think its cool You are into that sort of thing. I
wouldn't mind getting into it myself Dad"He looked at me and then slowly said "You wouldn't mind doing those
things? Those pictures show just about everything two guys can do to each
other Son"I smiled and said "Well I am not sure I would be ready for a group like
in the pictures just yet Dad but i wouldn't mind a little home schooling
between Us two"He was shaking his head and I was afraid I wasn't going to e able to talk
him into doing it. he said shaking his head "Johnny there are so many
reasons we can't do it. first Your still under age, Second you are my Son
and if it ever got out I would be in a world of shit"I was patting his leg almost pleading now I said "Dad its not fair to get
me all worked up and then do nothing. nobody would ever know and its
better then me going out and trying it with a modern lolitas galleries models stranger, That could be all
kinds of dangerous Dad. Please lets keep it between each other at least
for now?He wasn't saying a word just sat there taking a swig of his beer. I got
the idea of taking the bull by the horns and I knelt on the floor in
front of him and was untying his boots. I was happy he made lolitas nude underage girls no protest.
Off came his boots and he had on thick gray work socks I was holding his
one masculine foot and massaging it and then massaging up his hairy bare
leg. then I came up and was taking off his shirt. He worked with me never
saying a word. I was shaking so much. I left his long john shirt on and
now I was lolita sex pic kid undoing his belt again no protest. Then the button of his fly
and pulling down the fly just a grin on Dad's face. His cock was now
showing but still in the pants of his long John's and tenting out the
long John's looking as thick as I could tell it was in the pictures. Dad
lifted up and I pulled his pants down and then off his socked feet. he
sat back down now his long John's tented he said looking at me "You sure
Johnny? You sure this is what You want?
I shook my head yes just as my hand closed around his monster cock
in his long John's. Oh it was such a great feeling and Dad drew in a
breath at the feel of my hand on his cock. I held it and then I reached
in through the piss hole of his long John's and for the first time
touched his bare hard dick. The feeling was like electric I loved the
feel of his bare thick cock in my hand. It was so thick so much thicker
then I thought any man's cock could ever be and head of his dick so wide
and so much like a helmet so very flared. I reached in more and was now
holding his bare balls in my hand I said "OH Dad wow Dad what big ass
balls and nice too and Your cock Dad I never knew one could get this
He was patting my head and said "Well Johnny You started this now go
ahead and take a little taste of Your Dad's cock"
He now moved his sock covered feet around my ass and was kind of
holding me in place with his feet. I smiled at him and bent to take in my
first cock. My mouth was taking in his wide helmet. My tongue was licking
the cum hole and tasting his precum and the going all around the flared
cock head of Dad's bare dick and I was loving doing this to him and now
Dad was also holding my head to his cock feeding me more of his meat the
whole long 10 inch shaft of his cock was in my mouth I gagged at first
but was able to deep throat it all and now Dad was fucking my face
telling me that I was a natural and I was feeling his big hairy balls
while deep throating that thick meat of his cock. I head Dad say get Your
clothes off now Johnny and lets get into the bed. I stood and was tearing
off my own clothes and soon buck naked in front of my dream Adonis Dad.
he took hold of my hard cock and was leading me by it to his bed. In bed
as a dream like thing he got us into a hot 69. lolitas nude underage girls
and Dad beautiful teen lolita video was all over my
massive thick cock while I was sucking on his meat loving getting the
smell taste and feel of Dad's meat and his helmet cock head. he stillhad
on those thick gray sweaty work socks and i came to love them too and his
long John's were still down around his ankles as we explored each others
cocks. Soon I was creaming my load into my own Dad's mouth and then he
was feeding me a hot fresh load of his daddy cream deep into my mouth
more and more of his salty load was going into me.
Dad was then all lust. he had me on all fours and was eating out my
young ass and making me love it then he had a rubber small dick and was
fucking it into me to get use to being opened he said and then the main
show the actually bare head the helmet head of his dick was being fucked
into me and his bare cock shaft fucked into me while I was pleading for
more of daddy's big prick to fuck into me slowly at first then faster and
faster hard soft spreading my virgin hole and filling me with his cream
load after load of Dad's cum flooding into my hole pre lolitas asian nonude filling me up with his
cum loads.
that night Daddy fucked no less then four loads into me and the next
day after we talked I picked out one man from the pictures and handsome
man of 20 who worked with day a blonde and Dad invited him for dinner and
after dinner drinks and then we had the stud buck naked and Dad and i
fucked him royal and He fucked the two of us and stayed the night to fuck
and suck the night away.
John then turned to the two of us and said. If You guys wouldn't mind I
would love to have my Dad join in with us when we get back I know You two
will love him?
I said John Your Dad is really 10 inches long?
John "Oh Yea big dick and a good 6 inches around You two are going to
love him fucking you two and Dad likes to take it too.write
You must give your age for legal reasons or I can't answer. Kevin Kelly
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